How to get mind-blowing sex

How to get mind-blowing sex

Can every sexual encounter make you see fireworks? There are different levels of climax, but it is possible to get to a peak more often? Mind-blowing sex does not have to be a one-time experience. It can happen again and again.


Get excited

Interest in sex does fade after a while. Those passionate moments from the first time might last for only six months. The downhill ride is to be expected, so you must do something to keep it alive. One way to make sex less of a routine is to use toys. There are some simple ones, such as vibrators and dildos. Some render extreme pleasure, such as fucking machines.

Find a new mate

Since interest in sex is a short-live thing, to keep it going and going like an Eveready battery bunny, you might consider getting a new partner by using apps for casual adult dating. You can have the new “flavor of the month” as sometimes, eating the same flavor each time can get boring. 

What works

What you have to do is to make an objective study of what works for you. Try to recall what occurred when you had fantastic sex and what made it click. Write down all that you remember, such as the position, if you had a few drinks and the physical attributes of your partner. These physical traits might include how large and thick his dick was or if female, how tight was her cunt.

Sex talk

When you know what gets you off, it will be easier to repeat the fabulous climax. Of course, you would nicely inform your partner about these things. A good sex mate will try to please you, as long as you are not asking for something as tricky as an acrobatic act.

Study the body

It is also a good idea to study the erogenous zones. To hit the spot, for women, it is the G-spot. For men, there are more areas in their loins than just pumping the shaft. The areas that are considered as super sensitive include the tip of the head and the base of the penis. 

Those lows

There are times that you do not get an orgasm. There are also issues such as losing the erection midway or premature ejaculation. There are reasons why one might have a failed roll in the hay. It is possible that the person isn’t well that day or too tired to perform. Sometimes, being too drunk also affects the performance, making the dick take a bow early.  Those lows are part of our sex life. The important thing is to move on from the fails and look forward to better days and nights.

Those highs

Mind-blowing sex happens and can be achieved as often as possible. However, just like the tide, one must keep the expectations realistic. Not at all times may a person get those fireworks, but it will happen more often while sex dating. The most important thing to do is to know what makes you click and find ways to tickle that fancy.