The girls at London escorts are a great companion

 I’ve been with my girlfriend for about 10 months now we met as I had called the London escort agency and booked her for a date. It’s not easy to get lesbian London escorts so when I found this agency I was over the moon and they had really sexy girls on their books. I spent some time reading all the profiles and I felt that I really connected with one of two of the girls on the site. I literally flipped a coin and went with one her name was Jenny. Our first meeting was only for two hours I wanted to take Jenny to my favourite spot which was the ice cream parlour in Fulham Broadway. They literally do the best vegan ice cream and I swear one day I will become so fat because the amount of ice cream I eat from there. If I don’t become fat I’ll become broke because I’m always buying ice cream.

Our date went so well that I extended it to the evening and Jenny and I had dinner together. I let Jenny pick the restaurant as she is a meat eater and as a vegan I can pretty much eat anywhere that has salad and chips. We talked for hours and took an evening stroll by the river which was really romantic and nice. The date was pretty much perfect and I knew I would want to see her again. A week or two went by and I hadn’t heard from Jenny nor had I actually called the escort agency to book her again. I actually called another agency in London just to see if the girls there where is good as the ones at London escorts at City of Eve Escorts.

That date was a disaster the girls there were nowhere near as hot or sexy or even personable I found it really hard to find a lesbian escort I managed to get a date with a bisexual one but she was just rude and on interested nothing like Jenny from London escorts. So about a week after that disastrous date a callback London escort and asked for Jenny. Since then I literally called every other night and book Jenny for a date. One evening she asked me why do I only ever book her actually didn’t have an answer for her apart from the fact that I enjoyed her company and that we got on really well but I wasn’t quite sure what she was asking me. At the time I didn’t know that she had feelings for me the way that I had feelings for her so I didn’t want to make myself vulnerable as I know that London escorts date many people however they don’t necessarily always fall in love with their dates.

On about our 23rd date I mustered up the courage to tell Jenny how I felt about her I didn’t know what to expect but I got the surprise of my life when she told me that her feelings were the same for me as well. Since then we’ve been together as partners and I’ve loved every minute.

Blended Family

Children were never really on the cards for me not for a good while anyway but when I met my husband he already had three children in his previous marriage. He had custody of the children so they lived with him. My mother was a very nice lady very business orientated so because of her work she travelled a lot and they both came to an agreement that the children should stay with him. At first it was a bit strange coming into a family. I was afraid they will look at me as the evil stepmum but actually we have quite a good relationship. Before we got married my husband introduced me to his children and we spent quite a bit of time together. I was really in love with my husband so I wanted to make a good impression I even took time off of outcall London escorts so that I could dedicate time to the children and forming a bond with them.  

Obviously I had to get back to work at London escort however I really think that the time that it took off from work helped the children I do bond and it definitely helps mine and my husbands relationship. A lot of the girls at London escorts say they admire all the effort I put in to another man’s family. Some of the girls say that I went overboard however I don’t believe that as the children I get on very well. I strongly believe that spending time with children that are not your own but who are part of your family especially when you all live together is very important. You have to set boundaries and have discipline and a routine this makes it easier for everybody especially when the children are younger. One of the girls from London escorts was the one who actually gave me this advice as she had experience the same thing with her husband both of them had children outside of their marriage and when they became a blended family they put these rules in place which made things a lot easier. The other girls in London escort don’t have the sort of experience so I don’t really take into consideration what they say.  

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming as I never had a motherly bond with the children from when they were young so some of the responsibilities you have as a responsible adult in a house with children contest your patience. When those moments arise I always go to some of the older girls at London escort have had this kind of experience with blended families and they always steer me in the right direction. Openness and honesty discipline and boundaries are really important even when you having your own children let alone when you are becoming responsible for children who aren’t even yours. I will still say that I don’t want any children of my own but I’m more than happy with the ones I have acquired.